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Amir Khostavan is an Iranian-American composer and multi-instrumentalist. He's been playing the piano for over 30 years and composes new age, rock and pop music. His latest collection of music, XVII (volume 2), was released in NOVEMBER of 2018. with the exception of a few tracks, amir writes, produces and performs every instrument in his music. with his healthy obsession of rock and pop music, you can be sure to find traces of distorted guitar and loud drums mixed in with his piano melodies, as the closing track โ€œrebelsโ€ off of his newest release can attest. has described Khostavan's music as "... a powerful and triumphant celebration...Very highly recommend!" 



VOL. 2

The newest collection of music from Amir Khostavan, now available now via free download.
Includes Voyager, Rebels, End Credits and For Iris (Part 1)

Also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and other digital music providers.



Download the newest album below, and follow Amir on instagram @amirkxvii



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