Amir Khostavan is a pianist and composer living in Los Gatos, California. He wrote and recorded his first piano song when he was just 7-years-old and released it through a major Iranian record label in 1992. He quickly gained a reputation for being a young prodigy and even made numerous television appearances playing his original compositions.

All of this before he had any formal piano training.

While learning the basics of music theory, Amir would often take the songs his instructor assigned him and add his spin to them, making them more complicated or even turning them into his own compositions. Less than 2 years later, his instructor decided to refer him to a more advanced and well respected classical instructor where he would finalize his training.

Throughout his teens, Amir wrote hundreds of songs for the piano, mainly because he never liked the classical compositions he was asked to play as a student. His taste in music, however, took a dramatic shift when he heard Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for the first time. It wasn’t long before he traded in the piano bench for an electric guitar and began to learn every song he could. With his new instrument, Amir played in punk rock bands, writing songs about girls and the trials and tribulations of adolescence. 

From there, Amir would refine his craft of composition by also experimenting with different arrangement styles. Additionally, he learned how to produce and became skilled in Pro Tools and Logic Pro. Wanting to pursue his new passion professionally, he rented a room and moved to Los Angeles where he became a certified audio engineer from the Los Angeles Recording School and chased the dream of being a working musician.

He was hooked, and he wanted more. 

So he reintroduced the piano into his repertoire. At first, his music would have subtle hints of his original instrument, but more could be heard with each new song. One day, while in Los Angeles, Amir came home after a rather uneventful day. His music career stifled, and with no substantial success to his name, he began to question if he wanted to still pursue his passion. Sitting in his room, he decided to record himself improvising on the keyboard, adding layer upon layer until he had completed his first fully piano instrumental composition in many years. That song, entitled August 10th, was named after the day it was written, and it inspired Amir to continue pursuing his passion.

His love for the piano reintroduced, Amir involved himself more with music than ever. He relocated back to his home town and began teaching private lessons, eventually opening his own music academy.

Amir Khostavan is now on the verge of creating his greatest body of work yet. A blend of all of his favorite styles of music, from hard rock to new age and classical with lush arrangements and grooves that are impossible to ignore. Best described as a combination of YanniLudovico Einaudi and Yiruma, his music embodies emotion and storytelling.

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Amir Khostavan | Composer, Producer, Pianist